A despicable attack hit Quetta yesterday. 70 innocent people have lost their lives and many are injured. The loss is irreplaceable for the families and huge for the nation. Not only 70 individuals have died, rather 70 families have lost their happiness, peace and breadwinners.

We have lost thinkers, writers and intellectuals. We have lost lawyers. We have lost journalists. In fact, we have lost our leaders…

There are different speculations across Pakistan as to who attacked Quetta. Different people have different views. But mainly there are two groups; a small minority that believes it to be a job of terrorists groups inside Pakistan because they have claimed its responsibility, and a majority that thinks it to be a gift by our neighbors.

In this piece I am to highlight the points which made me stand with majority’s view.

Let's agree, for the sake of argument, with those who believe that TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) attacked Quetta because they have claimed the responsibility.

Let’s examine their argument that is based upon a simple preposition that TTP or ISIS did it, because they are eagerly taking its credit.

First, is it only TTP or ISIS who killed people yesterday or was this carried out by the TTP in collaboration with ISIS?

No exact answer yet.

Two, who claimed the responsibility or Orlando gay club shooting?


And, what did the American intelligence/security agencies conclude?

The shooter was suffering from some serious psychological disorders.

Who claimed the responsibility of the Munich attack?


What did the German security agencies conclude?

The attacker had a sense of hatred towards Germans who didn’t treat him respectfully.

Why does ISIS almost always claim the responsibility of these barbaric attacks? Is it wise to confess something without being forced into it? If not then why does it happen after every tragedy? 

The answer can be found by studying and understanding some literature that deals with the objectives and strategies of such terrible terror groups. The basic strategy is to create fear amongst masses to demoralize them and show them how powerful the very group is. This deliberately created sense of fear amongst civilians helps terror groups to compromise their daily lives which ultimately compels the governments to surrender before these groups and in this way they get agreeable results.  This is the chief reason that ISIS and TTP claim the responsibility of attacks they didn’t orchestrate.

Moreover, if we are easily trapped and get ready to believe in ridiculous yet politically and strategically purposeful statements and start writing and talking in favor of them, we are actually doing the terrorists’ job.

As a matter of fact TTP after Zarb-e-Azab has lost its capacity to attack Lahore or Quetta. Terrorists belonging to TTP have either been killed or they have left Pakistan.  And the remaining, who are not considered a big threat to the state of Pakistan, lack their infrastructural capacity to challenge the the state.

Now the question is who targeted Quetta and why?

Political analysts in Pakistan, out of naivety or ignorance, are unable to grasp regional political dynamics and answer this question.

Let’s establish our argument that has three premises.

First, there has been a focused debate on Pakistani media regarding Kashmir dispute. Pakistani media that lacks international viewership/readership was doing its work consistently to a greater extent and shaping a narrative that India’s brutality over Kashmiris is beyond imagination and words. India was being exposed and pressurized by international human rights’ activists and organizations to stop the current wave of cruelty. Social media, in this regard, has played a major role in awakening the whole world – except India.

Two, India has openly stated that they would make all efforts to sabotage CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). And in this regard NDS (National Directorate of Security) is standing along with RAW (Research and Analysis Wing). As the work is being done over CPEC, Indian frustration is increasing.

Third, Pakistan has done remarkable work to eliminate terrorism from its land and has destroyed all safe-havens of terrorists in Waziristan. Globally the role of Pakistan is being recognized and appreciated to a great extent. The Indian lobby is still making all its efforts to convince the world that Pakistan is a terrorist state, or a state where terrorism prevails.

The conclusion is clear. The attention of Pakistani media has been diverted from Kashmir to Quetta. And all efforts are being made by Indian media to equate Baluchistan with Kashmir. Still threats are there for CPEC. And above all the attack has helped India to propagate more confidently the narrative that Pakistan is being dominated by terrorists.

The question is very simple; who benefits from these barbaric attacks?


Certainly not.


Absolutely not.

Then who else?

If you have read this peace you must have the answer.

But despite all this mess, it is lamentable and utterly shameful that our intelligence agencies lack capacity or may be confidence to cope with these proxy wars. Also, the media has still been unable to present the true picture of Pakistan that we are the victims not the masters of these terror attacks – inflicted by our high-headed neighbors.

May God bless Pakistan with peace and prosperity!