HYDERABAD - The creation of Pakistan was the result of great achievements with national spirit and the country could be ranked in one of the developed countries of the world, if the countrymen continuously maintain the principles of the leaders of Pakistan movement.

There were immense sacrifices of the people in achieving a separate homeland in the sub-continent, but due to misunderstandings created by vested elements on the basis of linguistics, ethnic and sectarian only to achieve their personal goals, the countrymen have currently forgotten the great struggle and the cause, for which, Pakistan was achieved, eminent educationist and social worker Dadi Leela expressed such views in an interview with APP here on Tuesday with reference to the  Independence Day celebrations.

Born in December 20, 1916 in Hyderabad, Dadi Leela who received honour of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz last year said that there is the need of combined efforts and follow of the motto of father of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders of Pakistan Movement to make Pakistan as one of the developed countries of the world.

Dadi Leela, who served as Member Minority Affairs of the Federal Ministry of Religious and Minority Affairs said that if the nation follow the same spirit as done at the time of creation of Pakistan, the dreams of father of the nation could be achieved. She expressed her deep grief and shock over the increasing unrest, violence, crimes and murders on the behest of vested interests and said that those, who are involved in such shameful acts, have no religion nor are they Pakistanis.

Dadi Leela, who is also the Deputy Commissioner of Girls Guides Sindh and Chairperson of Ladies Club Hyderabad said that that is the need to create the same national spirit among the new generation that prevailed 60 years back so that the future generation, which possessed capability of moving the country towards development, could be guided in right direction.

She said that due to wrong policies of the previous rulers, the rich become richest and the poor become poorer in the country, resulting uncertainty among the masses.  Dadi Leela, who served as Inspector of Girls School of Hyderabad Region and Principal Mira Girls High School Hirabad said that only literacy can help the nation to move the right direction of the path of progress and prosperity and there is the need to improve the education standard, which, she said is in deteriorating in the country.

“No nation can develop without education, she said and added that literacy also play key role in removing all misunderstandings among the people regarding language, ethnic and religion,” she remarked.

An independent and moderate Pakistan, having equal rights and justice to

all was the dream of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, but unfortunately, the country politicians who always struggle for their personal goals have never tried to fulfil the dreams of great leader of the world, Dadi Leela the Vice President of Senior Citizens Association remarked.

About the 70th Independence Day, Dadi Leela, said that it was her dream that Pakistan should be at the first row of the developed and democratic countries of the world, where there will be no discrimination on the basis of language, ethnic and religion and all the people should have equal rights.

The Hindu community, which living in Pakistan is patriotic with their motherland and always struggled for the development and protection of their homeland, she said and added that the people of Hindu religion are proud to be Pakistani and they are also making their contribution for the development and progress of the country, she added. In her message in connection with the 70th Independence Day, Dadi Leela the Ex-MPA said that that shunning differences and forging unity without any creed and caste could be the great gift for Pakistan.

“We have received a lot from our homeland and now it is the time to fulfill the dream of the freedom fighters to become a strong nation of the world”, she concluded.