In May 2010, around 100 Ahmadis lost their lives in a horrific attack on their place of worship in Lahore. ‘Death’ in Pakistan is not a big deal and the public is somewhat immune to it. What was more horrific was the general response of the masses.

I clearly remember many not condemning the attack and even appreciating it. That was real low moment in my life. How can one react to the death of a human with such prejudice? How can one not feel the intensity of the massacre just because their sect and ideology is different?  Evidently the part of our brain responsible for feelings other's emotion, without any bias, is conditioned to such an extent that it’s almost dead.

No doubt these are horrible times that we are living in, when people condemn other people on condemning attacks as terrifying as Paris. It is true that media and general social media population is not as responsive to what is happening in Syria and other parts of distressed Arab world, or South Asia, but it does not mean that a life in Paris is of less value just like a life in Pakistan. "France is bombing Syria on regular basis. That's why I won't condemn the attacks in Paris" is lamest thing I have heard in a while.

When a tragedy occurs, one should react with a natural human impulse rather than analyzing comparative historical contexts firsts and then forming an opinion which is not even yours to begin with. Not even a year has passed since the APS attack and it seems that we have already forgotten what was unforgettable and those millions of "#NeverForget" hashtags are meaningless today. Let’s not forget the support which the world extended to Pakistan in one of the deepest moments of grief.

This general mindset and opinions after Paris attack over the Facebook display picture filter is a precursor to an extreme attitude, which consists of fabricated rhetorical opinions. We must not forget that everything we say, write or support in general or at different social media forums, construct a mindset. And if we keep filling the mind with propagandist warmongering thoughts, we will fall into a dark pit, with no coming back.

In a war, regardless of who wins, humanity usually ends up as being the loser. War perpetrators do not belong to a single community or a country; they do not share any particular belief or a religion. What unites them are profit figures. Their deadliest weapon is the idea of "divide" between different group of people, especially in this hyper connected world. Clearly ISIS achieved what they wanted from the Paris attacks , with people fighting over a change of Facebook DP.

In this era where rough, raw and half-baked information is flowing on media as well as social media, people should take sides very carefully. The reaction to deaths after an attack should not be based on how it was reported and by whom. The extreme, irresponsible, biased, and corrupt behavior of reporting has brainwashed our minds against the sanctity of death.

People are turning into numbers very quickly because we are taking sides, because we have made opinions, authentic and unbreakable ones. It's time to unlearn the preconceived notions and complex matrix we are living in. Without even thinking one can become a pawn for those who propagate anti-human extremism. And we have to choose our sides wisely.