Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf and Pakistan Muslim League –N, both secured 232 seats, each, in recently held local body elections in Islamabad, said Election Commission’s latest party position figures released today. 

PML-N secured 20 seats for the Chairman, 20 for Vice Chairman, 99 general member, 34 women member, 22 worker seats, 21 youth seats, and 16 Non-Muslim seats. PTI won 16 Chairman seats, 16 Vice Chairman, 107 General Members, 39 Women members, 21 Worker seats, 20 Youth seats and 13 Non-Muslim seats.

Independent candidates secured third position as they won 14 Chairman seats, 14 Vice Chairman seats, 77 general members, 23 women seats, 6 worker seats, and 7 youth and Non- Muslim seats each.

PPP and Jamaat islami failed to grab any Chairman or Vice Chairman seat. Both the political parties won 4 general member seats, each. JI secured 3 women seats, while PPP grabbed only won.

There were total 50 seats for chairman, 50 for Vice Chairman while general members seats were 299, and women seats were 100.

Out of total 650 seats, result for 636 contested seats was announced as 12 seats for non-Muslims in different Union Councils remained vacant, while election in UC-41 and UC10 were postponed due to deaths of candidates.