The second consecutive time, the Pakistan hockey team failed to qualify for the Olympics. It is nothing less of a national shame. There were few hopes but after their failure to make grade in Rio Games in 2016 that Pakistan harboured for the Tokyo 2020 Games were demolished on 27th October when Holland defeated Pakistan 6-1 in the second qualifier to book their way at the Olympics.

It has been the state of Pakistan hockey over the past two decades. The fans and critics had no shock when the team failed to qualify. Pakistan is the three-time Olympic winners in 1960, 1968 and 1984-are currently ranked at the 17th in the world hockey. The country’s obsession is with cricket as it is not helpful for the national game. There is a prime example of greatly successful PSL a similar type of a tactic is very needed for hockey.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation and is requested to solve the problems in the team and make the players well-prepared. It is hoped that their performance will be better next time.