Nowadays, the power of an individual has confined to books only. Sigh! I live in a society where people neglect the power of one person and lives a very casual life. They do not take the risk to create something new but they follow the footsteps of others and then, wait for a change! They do not believe that one person can bring a great change in their society. We should change this belief now. We should think that every person is special. His views should be valued.

Every life is precious and every death is a big loss. Why? Why do we not believe in the power of an individual? Why do we always like to shake hands with majority when our hearts and minds are not in the favour of shaking hand? Why we feel pressurized in the presence of majority and do not listen to our instincts? History says that people who have listened to their hearts have succeed. They were not the trend followers. They created their own path. It is rightly said that every person is born independent.

So, why we depend on others? Why we do not think that they have also the same mind and heart to think and feel as nature has blessed us. People may call me rebel but I do believe in the power of an individuality. Every person is given a brain to think and a mouth to speak. It is all up to him to speak good or bad. None of his surrounding should be blamed directly for his good or bad words. I believe that if a person listens to his inner heart only at the time of decision making, he will be contented at the end what he has selected for himself. None of the person will choose burden for him that he cannot afford. He will have more courage and patience to face the hurdles on his way and will succeed in the end.


Lahore, January 18.