ISLAMABAD - It could be a final showdown between two major political forces the PPP and the PML-N. But insiders believe the two parties are heading to political confrontation even if merely to denounce the impression of their covert alliance. Well-placed political sources underlined the fact that PML-N leader had given an interim agenda to the PPP government in centre with a deadline expiring on Monday (tomorrow) while the failure is to be punished in Punjab province. They insisted that PML-N agenda came in response to a peculiar situation emerging in the centre while its reaction in case the government does not buy it, it said would come from Punjab. The sources were of the view that it was a political compulsion for the PML-N to expel the PPP from its rule in Punjab in order to clear the stigma of friendly opposition. And no sky would fall even if the PML-N goes ahead with its vow after the expiry of Mondays deadline, the sources added. President Asif Ali Zardaris couple of weeks stay in Karachi has yielded well and the PPP has lured the MQM back that was sufficient to answer the immediate question of simple majority in the National Assembly. At the same time the sources did not rule out the possibility of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif getting serious this time against PPP leader Asif Zardari even after putting the partys rule at stake in Punjab, the largest province of the country. In that case, the sources added, Sharifs objective would be what he described as fresh mandate, meaning thereby not letting the PPP to complete five-year term. Still it would be difficult for Sharif to provoke President Zardari to the limit of giving up his so-called politics of reconciliation. By moving skilfully the PPP has already defused the intensity of ultimatum of the PML-N by reversing the latest price hike that also helped it to win back estranged coalition partner MQM. In a way the government implemented Sharifs agenda item No 1. Now the appointment of a new Governor in Punjab would further unveil the Presidents mood and style of political game ahead. The sources were of the view that ongoing political making and breaking was aimed at upcoming local bodies elections. The parties having decisive positions in respective provinces were up to exploit technical vagueness in the polls for local governments. The technical factors potentially impeding or at least delaying the local bodies elections were ranging from security constrains to financial crunch. That is why the sources pointed out that the PML-N agenda for PPP government also include ensuring independence of Election Commission of Pakistan. According to the sources, the PML-N apprehends that PPP would fight back through the Election Commission, if expelled from Punjab. The sources said that the Election Commission could possibility thwart PML-N move to take forward bloc of the PML-Q along after expelling the PPP from the centre government. Whether the two major parties go by the confrontational or so-called reconciliatory politics their conflicting political interests ahead portray a constant friction between them. This friction was bound to elude the so-called national consensus seen earlier in finalising the seventh National Finance Commission Award and later in passage of the 18th and 19h Constitutional Amendments. The economy already on the brink of collapse in absence of investment chiefly due to security as well as political uncertainty and partly because of being hit by devastating floods was bound to suffer as an immediate victim of the politics of 'deadlines and 'agenda Mr Sharif has just started. While the ultimate sufferers of this heated politics are bound to be the masses already running from pillar to post to secure essential energy needs in this extra-ordinary cold season.