ISLAMABAD : The authorities have generated revenues of Rs. 91.429b from the tax deducted on mobile phone cards users during the last three financial years. Under the head, an amount of Rs. 27.514b as Income Tax was collected from mobile phone users in 2010-11, Rs. 36.843b in 2011-12 and Rs.27.072b were amassed during 2012-13.  An official data on Wednesday revealed that there exists a mechanism to collect tax on mobile phone cards as Section 236 of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

The person issuing or selling prepaid cards collects

Advance Tax from the purchasers at the time of sale of cards.

The income tax collected is deposited in the national exchequer on weekly basis as required under Rule 43 of Income

Tax Rules 2002.

For the purposes of monitoring of tax collection monthly withholding statements are filed by mobile phone companies, as prescribed under Rule 66 of the Income Tax Rules, 2002.