FAISALABAD - Punjab Law minister Rana Sanaullah said that forces hell bent on derailing the government have been exposed and deadline for his resignation are coming from last four and half years.

Speaking to media after inauguration of Rescue 1122 Motorcycle Ambulance Service, the provincial minister said that the government not only ended loadshedding from the country but also 80 percent terrorism and militancy.

Speaking about marriage of controversy of PTI's chairman Imran Khan, he said that how can leader of this calibre lead the nation who cannot confess about his marriage in public.

He said everything has been done but the PTI is still not accepting it and saying only proposal sent.

Replying to a query about Tehreek-e-Adal of Nawaz Sharif, he said that this movement is not against anyone. He maintained that this is only to provide justice to common people.