KARACHI  -  Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan dejected leader Syed Shahid Pasha placed another blow to his party by extending support to various independent candidates on July 25 polls especially Kamran Tessori.

Pasha who earlier in press conference blasted MQM-P coordination committee stating that party decision making body instead of practicing merit was enforcing its own decision, while mostly who were the part of the party coordination committee were involved in massive corruption. Pasha has also announced initiating the movement for the accountability of MQM-P leaders involved in corruption placing the foundation of MQM-P Worker Action Committee. So far, Worker Action committee has held a demonstration outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) few days ago demanding the MQM-P Kahalid Maqbool Siddiqui to hold intra-party election as per party constitution. Whereas in recent, development Syed Shahid Pasha along with his team member Engineer Kashif Khan has inaugurated a party office in Liaquatabad Federal Capital Area Karachi.

There is nothing like MQM-Liaquatabad fraction but in real it a gathering of the annoyed workers those were seeking accountability of corrupt elements present within the party ranks said Shahid Pasha while talking to The Nation. Workers since long were witnessing injustice whereas tolerating a lot, MQM workers had took a stand with an aim to get rid of the people those made maximum money by using the party position and carried out massive corruption, he added.

This Assembly of MQM worker wants formation of an accountability committee along with the intra party election within the party as per constitutions, said Pasha. Talking about the participation of MQM-P Action Committee in the election Campaign of MQM-P chapter, he said that estrange MQM workers were joining hands with the Workers Action Committee after saying “Good Bye” to MQM-Bahadurabad office.

We are not participating in MQM-P‘s election campaign however we are going run the election campaign of the independent candidates who had submitted nomination for the polls, said Pasha. This matter is still in discussion of Worker Action Committee and soon their names would be disclosed in a press conference to hold within few days, he added.

MQM-P senior deputy convener Amir Khan has revoke my basic membership informed Engineer Kashif Khan who is former MQM-P Labour Division In-Charge. He said a posture had been set who ever ask for the accountability of corrupt elements would be expelled from the party. A group of eight people who were suppose to go through the accountability process were running the party affairs, said Khan adding that group present on the key slot were disrespecting the merit. He further said that MQM-P Worker Action Committee is a movement to save the MQM-P which is the true representative of Middle Class People.






Farraz Israr