Karachi - Karachiites have been facing immense troubles during ongoing spell of rains due to corrupt and inefficient provincial government of the PPP, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vice president and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh, here on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference at Hunaid Lakhani Secretariat, flanked by Baitul Mal Sindh President Hunaid Lakhani, PTI leaders Agha Arsalan, Sumair Mir Sheikh, Jam Farooq Ahmed and others, he said, “The monsoon rains are considered as a blessing but the corrupt PPP rulers of Sindh have made them the source of tormenting Karachiites. He said in a rain of one hour more than 6 people lost their lives. Haleem said the World Bank had given money to clean gutters of Karachi but no one knew where these funds had gone. He said the gutters were overflowing in almost every locality of the megacity.  “Our MPs are protesting against the K-Electric (KE). In 2009 Zardari government had inked deal of giving KESC to Abraaj Group till 2023 and the Karachiites are paying the price of this shoddy and murky deal.” The PTI leader said the KE was extorting money from citizens of Karachi under different pretexts. He said; “However, we will not allow owners of the KE to flee but will make them accountable before public. They have to return back the money of copper wires of the megacity stolen by them.

He said Federal Minister Omar Ayub had told in a press conference that the KE had to invest $2billion, but it did not invest this amount. “Sindh Governor Imran Ismail is also supporting our stance against the KE.”

Talking on the issue of JIT reports, Haleem Adil said the advisers of the PPP government had been befooling the public for last five days. He said innocent face of Murtaza Wahab was being presented before the public. “Why the faces of hardened criminals are not being presented before public who were patronised by the PPP. Murtaza Wahab reads whatever paper they hand him over. Murtaza should go to Cheel Chowk Lyari and ask from Lyariites whose henchman Uzair Baloch was and they will tell him that he was the henchman of PPP. He said everyone will tell on whose orders Uzair had formed a gang. He said the true JIT report was with Ali Zaidi and signatures of two police officers were not on this JIT report. He said after the new police order, police officers in Sindh were afraid of government and they were being used by the PPP government in its wrongdoings.

Haleem Adil said the tragedy of Ali Enterprises Baldia Factory fire was the worst manifestation of the criminal politics of Karachi.

He said the affecttees of Baldia Factory fire were yet to get justice even after passing four years. He said 250 people were burnt alive, after the factory owners refused to pay extortion. The PTI leader said both the PPP and MQM-London were involved in this grave crime. He said Rao Anwar and Janwiri worked for the PPP. He said now the Supreme Court would decide which JIT report was true and which one was fake. He said the real faces of those people who changed the JIT report would soon be exposed.

He said in the JIT report it was recommended to establish a rescue organisation within three months, but so far no such institution had been established.


He said the FIR regarding the Baldia Factory fire incident was lodged wrongly and action should be taken against those who wrote this wrong FIR.

“Do murder FIRs filed against Uzair Baloch reflect his own confessions? Was any action taken against police officers who used to work for Uzair Baloch? Were the plots occupied by Uzair Baloch got vacated and what action was taken against the people who laundered money for Uzair Baloch? Haleem asked.

He asked why Faryal Talpur and Syed Qaim Ali Shah used to meet Uzair Baloch.

Haleem Adil said Ali Zaidi was a brave son of Karachi. He said services of Dr Arif Alvi and Imran Ismail for megacity were laudable. He asked Saeed Ghani to answer questions raised in report of police officer SSP Shikarpur Dr Rizwan.

PTI leader Hunaid Lakhani said the Karachiites had given their mandate to the PTI. He said we will continue to raise voice against those who looted and plundered this city. He said the PTI would continue to raise voice for the rights of Karachiites. He said a stern action would be taken against the KE. He said the rulers of Sindh have given the people nothing but corruption.