Security forces have killed 35 and injured 15 terrorists during operations in Khyber Agency's Tirah Valley and Kurram Agency.

According to a statement issued by ISPR Sunday‚ one soldier embraced martyrdom and five others sustained injuries during encounters.

After the clearance of Muhammadi Top in Kurram and Haider Kandao in Tirah Valley‚ security forces made significant gains on nights of the sixth‚ seventh‚ and eighth of this months‚ and cleared main areas of Maidan.

During the last two days of the operation, 35 alleged militants were killed while 15 were injured reportedly. The security forces suffered the loss of one soldier, while five were injured.

The forces took full control of heights on the central Derastani Ridge that overlooks the entire Maidan and Kuki Khel Valley.

The forces also flushed the terrorists out of heights of Darwazgai Kandao.