KARACHI - Blaming the federal and Punjab governments for not implementing the Water Accord 1991, the PPP lawmakers have alleged both the governments of taking Sindh’s water by illegal opening of CJ and TP flood canals.
The PPP’s elected representatives in National Assembly in a joint statement issued here on Sunday said that IRSA and Punjab government were violating the Water Accord 1991 and depriving the Sind province of its water share.
The PPP MNA and former federal minister Aijaz Hussain Jakhrani, MNA Imraz Zafar Leghari and Dr Shahida Rehmani alleged that Punjab was receiving 18,000 cusecs more water against its share as per 1991 water accord. They said Punjab was not stealing water but committing a robbery on Sindh’s water share.
The severe shortage of water was badly affecting Kharif crop in the Sindh province. There was also an acute scarcity of water for drinking purpose in far flung areas of the province, the PPP MNAs complained.
They demanded from the federal government and IRSA to close down the Greater Thal Canal.
The PPP lawmakers said that the water requirement of Sindh province was 1,40,000 cusecs currently, while the province was receiving only 89,000 cusecs water , demanding from the IRSA to ensure the flow of water to meet the requirement of the Sindh province.
The PPP MNA said that the federal government was not releasing the required water in the Indus River, besides the Chashma Jehlum and Taunsa Pajnad flood canals were opened without prior permission of Sindh .
They said in the circumstances when water was not available for drinking purposes in the coastal districts, Punjab was getting more water from its share by opening the flood canals, an injustice to Sindh .
The less flow of water in the Indus towards Sindh province was badly affecting the sowing of the Kharif crop in the province, PPP MNAs said, alleging that IRSA was ignoring the Sindh protest. They demanded of the water distribution authority to pay heed to the complaints of the small province. They further alleged that IRSA was providing wrong data of water flow and shortages.
The PPP lawmakers claimed that Punjab was stealing at least 3,00,000 cusecs (0.3 million cusecs) water from the Chashma and Taunsa barrages.
The Sindh’s ruling party said that IRSA in its consultative meeting had assured the Sindh province that all the provinces would equally share the shortage of water , besides there would be no scarcity of water during the Kharif season.
In contradiction to assurances of the IRSA, the Punjab province in violation of the 1991 water accord is getting more water through illegal opening of the Chashma Jehlum and Taunsa Panjnad flood canals, ruling party of Sindh province alleged.
The PPP lawmakers said the issue on committing robbery on the Sindh’s water share should be raised in the parliament and an inquiry should also be held to probe the allegations and redress the grievances of Sindh province.
They demanded of the IRSA to ensure provision of Sindh its water share.