MUZAFFARGARH: Yesterday Police alleged to have detained MNA Jamshed Ahmad Dasti, chairman of the Pakistan Awami Raj party, over his suspected role in prompting people at Kalu headworks channel to open its gate.

After Dasti came back from Islamabad, Chowk Qureshi police made the arrest and seize shortly.

SHO Mujahid Husain alleged Dasti, authenticating his arrest, had opened the sluice gate at Kalu headworks channel to release water in Dinga minor (Muzaffargarh canal, along with a number of people,). The irrigation officials had notified him in opposition to opening the gate that had been closed for many months due to lawsuit, he said.

Kot Addu Executive Engineer Mehr Riaz alleged that he had informed the higher-ups about the circumstances and also propelled an application to the police for intriguing action.

An official quoted as saying Punjab Irrigation Minister Amanat Khan, the department would take firm and harsh action against the MNA and his henchmen.

Dasti said, mitigating his position, Dinga minor was blocked and he released water into it, to assist the farmers who had been crying out for accessibility of water for crops.