ISLAMABAD         -     Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Senator Rehman Malik yes­terday said the armed forces were the main pillar of the country.

He thanked the leaders and workers of his party for their support and appealed them not to be trapped by conspirators and remain united.

In a video message, Senator Rehman Malik said: “I am very grateful to my party, its workers and leaders who always support­ed me in every difficult time.”

He said that he appeals to the party workers not to fall into an­yone’s deception and conspira­cy at all and never post any tweet or social media post against Pa­kistan Armed Forces as Pakistan Army is our army that protects us and our borders.

He said that today Pakistan is strengthened and existing be­cause of the numerous sacrifices of our armed forces.

Malik said that he is well aware of conspiracies against Paki­stan adding that when a US ana­lyst had said that they will dest­abilize Pakistan through creating disturbance and chaos in Ba­lochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa, he had shut down an Ameri­can radio station for propaganda against Pakistan.

He said that today many con­spiracies are being hatched to weaken and destabilize Pakistan through agents therefore he re­quests all the people of Pakistan particularly workers of PPP not to fall into the trap of the enemy and conspirators. He said that we have to fight for Pakistan and no one can dare to look down on Pa­kistan.

Senator Rehman Malik said that he will soon unveil many conspir­acies and lay out the facts before the people behind his character assassination.

He said that he has already served a notice of defamation as he has decided to start legal pro­ceedings against the baseless al­legations levelled against him. He said “I will not answer any non­sense and filthy accusation di­rectly but through court of law”.

Senator A. Rehman Malik re­quested all TV channels to not to run interviews and news of false and fabricated allegations against him as he has already filed a proper complaint in PEM­RA for taking legal action un­der PEMRA Rules against those private television channels that aired interviews of Cynthia Rit­chie levelling false and fabricat­ed allegations against him in his absence.

Meanwhile, Rehman Malik has served another notice of defa­mation to US national Cynthia Ritchie for levelling false, bogus and malicious allegations of rape against him in two different talk shows on Pakistani private tele­vision channels