Today is the death anniversary of one the greatest folk singer of Pakistan, Pathanay Khan.

Pathanay Khan has mostly sung Kafiis based on sufi literature of Khawaja Ghulam Farid and Shah Hussain. He was born in Kot Addu(Muzaffargarh) in 1926 in an unfortunate family. He had left his studies in class seven and raised by his mother alone who had changed his birth name  from Ghulam Muhammad to Pathanay Khan on the instructions of her spiritual guide.  He was given his new name due to his fair color.

His first Album was released in 1984 which was named as ‘Mein Vee Jana  Jhok Ranjhan’. His last album realease in 1999 with the title ‘Kaafi’.    

His popular hits on television still mesmerised people. ‘Meeda Ishq Vee Toon’ is still among the favorites of people. 



He died due to illness in his native town of Kot Addu on march 9, 2000. Government of Pakistan awarded him with Pride of Performance in 1979.