Amin Ansari, father of seven years old Zainab Amin who was raped and killed in Kasur, has met Chief Justice Saqib Nisar at Lahore registry of Supreme Court.

He requested the arrest of those who facilitated Imran, the murderer of Zainab, in kidnapping and killing of his daughter. A plea is submitted by Amin Ansari to Chief Justice informing that the family members of Imran along with those who provided support to Imran during the whole incident are now harassing us. He further requested security protection. 

The seven years old Zainab was firstly kidnapped on January 4 in Kasur near a relative’s house.  Then after five days she was found dead in garbage heap. She was rapedand later on killed by Imran.

Imran was arrested on 23 january, police and authorities claimed that Imran is a serial killer.

On february 17, he was sentenced to death, four times, under the section 7 of Anti-Terrorism Act for kidnapping, rape and murder a minor child. But, after 3 days on february 20, Imran challenged the verdict against him in Lahore high Court by claiming that he is innocent.   

Along with death sentence, court had also imposed  life imprisonment with a fine of 1 million.