PESHAWAR                  -         Dr Ajmal Hussain is the first ENT surgeon in Pakistan

who has successfully removed cancer tumor from facial and thyroid region of a patient. He is second surgeon after Dr Vyas Prasad of India, who has God gifted ability to contribute

skilfully in this field and doing free of cost surgeries for poor ailing humanity.Dr Ajmal Hussain has completed his primary education from Government Primary School Chatarry Tarnab in Peshawar

and completed matriculation in Government High School Chamkani Peshawar. After matriculation, he took admission in Edward College Peshawar in pre-medical and topped this prestigious institute. Later, he enrolled himself in Ayub Medical College

Abbottabad and completed his graduation

in Bachelor of Science

and bachelor of medicine (MBBS). After graduation he completed

his FCPS from college of physician and surgery Pakistan (CPSP).After completing his specialization, he was appointed in Khyber Teaching Hospital ENT department where he has done hundred of surgeries of thyroid dysfunctional and abnormalities.

Dr Ajmal wants to visit

UK for fellowship in facial

plastic surgery which sometime needs along with specialty in ear, nose and throat. He also intends to get specialty in Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

He has special expertise

in radical neck dissection and excision of mass with local anaesthesia.

Talking to The Nation, he said: “Most of the cancer

born surgeries are difficult in thyroid region and need extreme level of care and skill to conduct these types of surgeries with local anaesthesia.”He maintained that some patients having cancer tumor in food pipe was successfully removed

and the damaged portion was repaired while taking some tissues

from others parts of the body. He said the patients having tumors in facial

region needs plastic

surgeries for further improvement and thesedifferent stages to further

refine their surgical areas. He said that surgeries

with local anaesthesia

sometime difficult as only the surgical areas

become unconscious while rest of the body