The politics of Jhang differs in many ways from other parts of the province as feudalism still plays a dominant role in the district’s politics.

Besides, sectarian clashes and role of spiritual leaders vastly influence the political spectrum of the district. Although media penetration is bringing change in society but voter of rural area is still under the influence of feudal lords and spiritual leaders, commonly known as peers or gaddi nasheens.

In last elections, PML-Q won four out of total six national assembly seats of the Jhang while the PPP could clinch only one seat and one seat was won by independent candidate Saima Bhurwana.

However, political pundits believe that PML-N can clinch four seats of national assembly and five seats of provincial assembly from Jhang as it has fielded strong candidates for the upcoming election.

On the other hand, the PPP has failed to bring strong and popular candidates in the field as its new faces lack political background and support that is prerequisite for winning elections.

NA-88 is one of the important constituencies of Jhang. The constituency mainly consists of Bhuwana Tehsil, Khewa and all area of Mochiwla police station. Former MNA Ghulam Bibi Bhurwana, Syed Asad Hayat, (younger brother of Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat) and Pir Attaullah are contesting election from this constituency.

Ghulam Bibi Bhurwana, who won this seat in last two elections from PML-Q platform, is now contesting election on PML-N ticket and is favourite candidate of the area. Syed Asad Hayat is participating in election as independent candidate and Attaullah Taunsvi is on PPP ticket.

Although tough contest is expected between Ghulam Bibi Bhurwana and Syed Asad Hayat but analysts believe that Ghulam Bibi would again win the seat.

From PP-76, Mehar Muhammad Saqlain Sipra, Mehar Muhammad Nawaz Bhurwana and Abu Zar Bhurwana are participating in elections.

Mehar Saqlain Sipra, who was elected MPA in last two elections on PML-Q ticket, is now candidate of PML-N from this constituency. A neck and neck competition is expected between Saqlain Sipra and Mehar Nawaz Bhurwana.

From PP-77, Sultan Sikander Bhurwana, Nawab Khurram Sial and Naveed Ahmed Khan Patoana are contesting elections. Sultan Sikander, a winner of last election, is now contesting from PML-N platform while Nawab Khurram Sial, a runner up in the last election, is contesting as independent candidate and Naveed Ahmed Khan Patoana is another potential candidate of PTI.

But real contest will be between Khurram Sial and Sultan Sikander.

NA-89 constituency has been sensitive in past elections.

The constituency covers Jhang Saddr, Jhang city, Satellite Town and some rural areas.

Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhiavi (ASWJ) Sheikh Muhammad Akram (father of Shiekh Waqas Akram) and Pir Syed Tariq Agha Gillani are contesting from this constituency.

Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi is candidate for Muttahida Deemi Mahaz while Sheikh Akram is ticket holder of the PML-N, Tariq Gillani is candidate of PPP and Sheikh Waqar Ahmed is another candidate for MNA from this constituency from the platform of PTI.

A tough contest is between Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi and Sheikh Akram.

Although ASWJ has a permanent vote bank in this constituency but Sheikh group, which had already won this seat for two times, has strong roots in the public and all major clans and groups are supporting Sheikh Akram.

In this scenario, the PML-N may clinch this seat.

From NA-78, many candidates are participating in election but tough contest will be seen between Maulana Ahmed Ludhianvi and Rashida Yaqoob who is ticket holder of PML-N.

Sheikh Yaqoob has been declared disqualified and now his wife is contesting election at his place.

Sheikh Yaqoob is a former MPA and enjoys good reputation in the public due to his performance during last period.

The constituency of NA-90 mainly covers rural areas with only ten percent urban area. NA-90 covers Shorkot city and Shorkot Cant and spread up to Maji Sultan.

NA-90 consists of two provincial Assemblies PP-79 and PP-80. Saima Akhtar Bhurwana, who won this seat in last two elections as independent candidate, is a strong and most favourite candidate as compared to Sahibzada Nazir Sultan.

This time Saima Akhtar is contesting election from PML-N platform while Sahibzada Nazir Sultan is contesting as independent candidate.

Maulana Asif Moavia of Muttahida Deeni Mahaz is another potential candidate of the constituency.

From PP-79, a tough contest is expected between former MPA Khalid Sargana and Lt-Col (r) Ghazanfar Abbas Qureshi while from PP-80, a tough contest is expected between former MPA Qamar Hayat Khatia who is joint candidate of PML-Q and PPP and Khalid Ghani of the PML-N.

NA-91 constituency consists of Ahmedpur Sial Tehsil and Atharan Hazari Tehsil.

Sahibzada Mehboob Sultan of PML-N and Najaf Abbas Sial are main rivals in this constituency.

Mehboob Sultan is two time winner from this seat and Najaf Abbas is contesting for the first time.

From PP-82, a neck and neck competition is expected between two rivals Muhammad Azam Chela and Ghazanfar Abbas Jaboana.

From PP-83, a tough contest is expected between Aoun Abbas and Rana Shehbaz Gujar of PML-N.

The birth place of two Nobel Laureates namely Dr Abdul Salam and Dr Hergobind Khuranna is the district where personal clout carries more weight than the political parties.