Karachi-SaboorAly has been taking over our TV screens this season in some megahit dramas with some diverse roles that have managed to prove her versatility.

Being used to watching SaboorAly play the innocent, naïve and sweetheart kind of a character where she easily gains everyone’s love and sympathy, she has been standing out after picking up some diverse roles.

Her role in ‘Gul O Gulzar’ has brought her out of her comfort zone and it has proved that she can do more than just the stereotypical good girl roles.

Gul-o-Gulzar is a Six Sigma Plus project produced by Humayun Saeed and ShahzadNasib. The drama has SaboorAly playing as Gul and Kinza Hashmi playing as Gulzar, two best friends who are quite the opposite of each other. The drama begins with Gul and Gulzar in college where Gul gets caught and does not even care while her friend Gulzar is troubled and solves the matter through her father’s intervention. Later in the episodes we learn how Gul receives a letter from her admirer and ignores it until she finds out that her admirer came in a huge car.

SaboorAly’s role in Gul becomes very clear in first few episodes and we get introduced to her as an antagonist for the first time. Needless to say, SaboorAly nails her acting with just the right amount of jealousy, greediness, and selfishness required for her character.

The drama has proceeded to a point where Gulzar’s husband has brought home a friend from abroad on a business conference trip and she confides about her doubts in Gul. Gul immediately puts oil to the fire and tells Gulzar to keep an eye on him to create misunderstandings between the two.On the other hand, Aamir’s wife Mehjabeen loses her child in a car accident and her family demand Aamir to send a divorce to Gul if they want Mehjabeen to return home. Aamir refuses because Gul is expecting too, which makes the situation messier.

The drama is heading towards such a splendid twist and SaboorAly’s performance is justifying all the hype the drama has created.

Her hold of character as an antagonist has been note-worthy, and it adds to the charm of the drama, making it an exciting watch.

SaboorAly is doing her best in the drama and her acting by far has been one of her best performances. We have all come to hate Gul which means that as an antagonist, SaboorAly has done her role to perfection.

What we are now interested in seeing is how Gul will handle the situation when things start going against her. Will her selfishness backfire on her, or will she able to continue her scheming against Gulzar?