PESHAWAR    -  Federal Minister for Interfaith Harmony Noorul Haq Qadri on Sunday strongly condemned blasphemous caricatures of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recently published in France, and said that Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turk President Tayyip Erdogan had sent letters to the heads of all Islamic countries on this heinous act.

Addressing a National Meladun Nabi Conference held at Mula Gori here, he said each and every Muslim has a great respect and reverence for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and no one would be allowed to target the personality of the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The minister said action taken by both the Muslim’s leaders was commendable, adding, “We would never feel shy from giving sacrifices to protect the honour and dignity of the last prophet (PBUH).

He further said voices on blasphemy had been raised not only on the parliament’s floor, but also in different countries across the globe in the shape of protest demonstrations.

He said the teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) are beacon of hope for the pious as following his teachings is must if one wants to achieve success in this world and in the life hereafter. The minister said so much sacred is prophet’s honour for the Muslims that they never feel reluctant to lay down their lives for that.

Qadri welcomed holding of Melaadun Nabi Conference, and said that “We are the real followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the relation of love and respect between us and the prophet (PBUH) would continue till death.”

The conference was attended by large number of people and addressed by Allama Mohammad Adnan Qadri, PTI senior leader Haji Ameed Mohammad Khan, Chairman Zakat Committee Maulana Ehsanullah Junaidi, Malik Abdul Manan Mulagori, Malik Fazle Mola, Haji Ashraf Afridi and Maulana Wasaulah Qadri.