Mailsi-A junior line superintendent, posted as the sub-divisional officer (SDO) in Tibba Sultanpur feeder for the last 11 months, was accused of committing huge corruption in the department.

However, 14 SDOs are waiting for joining a feeder in Multan. JLS Tahir Sharif has been involved in promotion of electricity theft and punished by the department. Even then, he is working as Mepco SDO in Tibba Sultanpur feeder it is a question mark on Mepco chief and other higher authorities’ role.

Tahir Sharif was punished by former SE Saeed Nasir after an inquiry conducted by the latter. Tahir Sharif was found guilty and he had to pay the fine in two instalments one is June 2012 and second in June 2014 but no FIR was registered against him. People of the area appealed to Mepco CEO to change or dismiss the corrupt JLS and post an SDO so that the department could be saved from corruption.

When contacted, Tahir Sharif denied the allegations, saying that a lobby was working for his transfer, and this propaganda is part of their plan. XEN Shahid Nazir said if a complaint is filed against him, he will hold an inquiry on merit.