KARACHI - One of Pir of Bharchundi Sharif and former member of the National Assembly Abdul Haq, aka Mian Mithu, on Tuesday offered to form a joint committee of the journalists, civil society and members of Hindu and Muslim communities to probe cases of forced conversion in Ghotki.

The infamous spiritual leader from Ghotki, who is blamed for forcefully converting Hindus especially minor girls, said this while addressing a presser at the Karachi Press Club (KPC).

On one hand, Abdul Haq blamed that those who were blaming him over forceful conversion are agents of Indian spy agency RAW and on the other hand challenged that no one could prove that they had forcefully convert a single non-Muslim.

“We only offer support to the newly converted Muslims and men and women of all ages and from all nearby areas of Ghotki and even from other provinces come to us to embrace Islam,” he said while rejecting notion that only non-Muslims from Ghotki and especially teenage girls embrace Islam at the shrine.

Fazl dragging seminary students for political gain

The religious leader asked if they are forcefully converting Hindus then why Hindu women are working at their residences and living in their neighbourhood.

“They are living with us for years in peace and if we are doing anything forcefully then we should have initially forcefully converted those close to us,” he said.

Abdul Haq further claimed that if Hindus are not safe in Ghotki district then how they are able to run business of millions in the vicinity.

“If Ghotki is so unsafe then why Hindus living in Balochistan and other parts of the province are resettling in the area,” he said.

He further claimed that if any incident of violence is reported against Hindus then it was his relatives who clam down the situation in the area and safeguard the community.

“We even recovered a Hindu girl recently who was forcefully abducted and was tried to convert to Islam with the support of Hindu community,” said Abdul Haq adding that he has also launched development projects for the community during his tenure as chairman town committee and MNA.

The former MNA, who was earlier associated with PPP and was declined PTI party ticket over forced conversion issue, applauded the speech of the prime minister Imran Khan at United Nations General Assembly.

“I want to applaud his speech irrespective of the political association as he represented the Muslims in true manner,” he said.

The religious leader opposed the announced march from the Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman and said that he was using the name of religion and was dragging seminary students for his political gains.

“Maulana sahib should not stage a sit-in on the Kashmir day and should instead join my hands to go to Kashmir for the cause of Jihad,” he offered and further blamed that the JUI-F chief was trying to sabotage the cause of Kashmir cause.