LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has announced countrywide movement against the skyrocketing inflation, predicting the end of the government if problems of the masses are not resolved immediately.  Addressing a press conference after presiding over concluding session of the two-day Central Executive Council of the JI here at Mansoora on Thursday, he, however, ruled out possibility of joining hands with the so-called mainstream opposition parties’ campaign against the rulers. “Other opposition parties’ agenda is different from the JI,” he said, adding the opposition parties acted in the past as facilitator of the government and still they were not posing any threat to the ruling party. The PTI, the PML-N and the PPP, he said, were the sides of the same coin and people had started fully recognizing them now. The feudal lords, sugar mafias, agents of the imperialistic forces, he added, were part of the three parties and their only mission was to serve the cause of their foreign masters and loot the resources of the country.

 Senator Siraj said Imran Khan government broke all previous records of bad governance and incapability, damaging the economy and destroying the institutions, health, education and agriculture sectors in past two years. He said the prices of sugar, flour, pulses and other food items went beyond the reach of common man, millions lost their jobs and masses were felt badly deceived by the fake slogans of the prime minister. The foreign policy was a complete failure which led the surrender of Kashmir to New Delhi and isolation of Pakistan in entire world, he said, adding the media freedom was under curb and fake and politically motivated accountability campaign was on the run. He said the PTI government left no stone unturned to create controversies about key institutions. In the prevailing situation, he said, the JI had decided to launch a full-fledged drive against the incapable rulers. For the purpose, he informed the journalists, a committee including JI leaders Liaqat Baloch, Mian Aslam, Senator Mustaq and Hafiz Naeemur Rahman had been formed to chalk out public rallies and protest plan in all over the country. 

The JI leader suggested the establishment to stay neutral this time in the interest of the country. He also advised Imran Khan not to hide himself behind the establishment and start governing the country if he got some confidence to do so after running country in two years. He said the people were already desperate and they would throw the government paid no attention towards their problems.

Sirajul Haq demanded audit of the earthquake 2005 fund and crone funds, demanding establishment of a parliament committee for the purpose. He also condemned the police violence against the protesting government employees in Islamabad, assuring them the JI was fully backing their demands and would not leave them alone in their quest to attain their rights.