President of the United States of America Barack Hussain Obama. Real name: Burrack Hussain Obama. "Burrack" being the ride on which the Holy Prophet (PBUH) rode to heavens to meet his Lord. By the passage of time with slight confusion in spellings Burrack came to be pronounced and written as Barack. Hence Barack Hussain Obama. Obama was born to a Kenyan Muslim father and an American Christian mother from Kansas. There was a divorce and his mother moved to Indonesia where she married an Indonesian Muslim. He spent many years as a boy in Indonesia and it is said that he often offered his Friday prayers along with his young Indonesian friends, wearing a white prayer cap. He announced from the podium of the Convocation Hall, "I am a Christian" He had to be a Christian to be the President of the USA, the most powerful person in the present day world. President Obama in his wisdom decided to directly reach the Muslim world and the Arabs in particular. He considered it to be the only way to bridge the widening divide between West and Islam and the ever-increasing distrust between the US and the Arabs. The announcement of President's unique, bold and unprecedented intentions created ripples. The whole world went into speculations, Western media called it a fruitless effort, there was awe in certain quarters, apprehensions in other and the Mid-East looked forward to it with hope and uncertainty. Obama's "direct reach" remained the major topic of discussion amongst analysts, critics, intellectuals and the media through out the world. In early June, 2009 the President decided to act. He arranged a very short visit to the Middle East and selected Hosni Mubarak's Cairo in the heart of the Mid-East and one of the most ancient bastion of civilisation to deliver his anxiously awaited speech to reach the Muslims. The venue of this historic occasion, the vast Convocation Hall of the University of Cairo the ancient seat of learning for centuries for people from all over the world presented a grand sight. It was all history the sight, the location and the mighty pyramids over looking, was as historical as the first ever appearance of the President of the United States in the midst of the Arabs. On June 4, 2009, Barack Hussain Obama, President of the United States of America appeared in the Hall to the tumultuous cheering of people overflowing the Hall. Elegantly dressed in a black suit Barack Obama ascended the rostrum to the continued cheering of the crowd anxiously waiting with thumping hearts the promised new approach from a bold and unorthodox American President. Obama was composed, confident and self assured. He spoke in a measured tone in his usual characteristic style and was clear, eloquent and unambiguous in his observations. He was quintessentially American but showed determination to restore American image and bridge strained relations between America and the Muslim World. He showed deep comprehension of the Holy Quran and Islam and during his narration's quoted four times from the Holy Quran to back up his observations. It was a comprehensive review of the enormous problems, confronting America, Islam, Muslim World, Mid-East and the world at large. He also gave an agenda to tackle them. Standing amongst the ramparts of the ancient civilisation of the world with the pyramids of giza in sight and facing crowded Convocation Hall, Obama said that "he has a Kenyan Muslim ancestry but I am a Christian American" (Cheers). He started to speak with the Muslims greetings of "Islam-o-Alaikum". He enumerated the contributions that the followers of Islam made in many fields in the world and paving the ways for Europe's Renaissance and Enlightenment. In his "reaching out" address to the Muslim World he covered a variety of subjects confronting America, Islam and the world at large. He talked about the growing mistrust between Europe and Islam, you may call it, "Islam-Phobia". He touched on Iraq and Afghanistan as well. But the major thrust of his speech was on America, Islam, Mid-East and terrorism. America and Islam. Obama said that it is time of tension between the United States and Muslims around the world. This has been due to fear and mistrust and must end. America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition, Islam has always been a part of America's story. Muslims have fought in our wars, served in government and stood for a civil rights. There are nearly eleven million American Muslims and there are over 1200 mosques within America. He emphasised that let there be no doubt: Islam is a part of America. Terrorism: He referred to the events of 9/11 where nearly 3000 people were killed. "These extremists have killed people in many countries, they have killed people of different faiths - more than any other, they have killed Muslims". He showed his determination to fight till the complete elimination of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. President Obama's Cairo address was received with mixed reactions. It was a clean divide: the West, particularly the media called it empty rhetoric to gain prominence amongst the world of Islam and the Middle-East; where as the Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular viewed it with sceptical hopes. It stirred the world alright in talking and commenting upon it. Three major points confronting America, Islamic World and the Arabs stood out in his address. These were: A - Terrorism and 9/11 B - Israel, Palestinians and the Arabs. C - America, vis--vis Iran. Obama was forthright and clear in his observations and confident to solve them. He even gave road maps for solution of the three. These three knotty problems had been defying solution for the past many many decades and to resolve them now would be great but even if any progress is made towards their final amicable settlement, then all credit to President Obama. It will be like his dramatic entry as the first non-white President into the Oval Office and his name will go down in history as land mark. President Obama was positive that with good will and honest intentions and given time he could and certainly would deliver. It must be remembered that the 'American Objectives and priorities' are all worked out by respective "think tanks" and finalised by both the Houses and no matter which party is in power it has no authority to make any changes in it. The President at his discretion in any particular case and in extreme American interests may make a minor deviation from the laid down Objectives / priorities but no more. Under the prevailing system of government working there is a big question mark: could he (Obama) do it Can he? The answer is yes and no A: Since 2001, Al-Qaeda and Taliban are spreading their tentacles in many countries of the world including Europe. Afghanistan and Pakistan are their hot beds. Taliban were American creations during Russian occupation of Afghanistan. American dollars and resources were used to indoctrinate and train "mujahids" present day "terrorists" who are now creating havoc all round particularly in Pakistan. According to American administration America is also threatened. Unless the Americans dry up Al-Qaeda and Taliban sources of supply of funds and weapons, it would be difficult for Obama to exterminate the danger. B: Israel has a powerful lobby in America. The Jews virtually dictates the economy and politics of both Republicans and Democrats. President Obama in his opening gambit when talking about Israel stressed about the strong bonds that exist between the two countries. "This bond is unbreakable" he said. With this categorical admission he goes on to boldly propose "two independent states of Israel and Palestinians". It is a declaration of intents by a US President against all Israel odds working against it. What would be the eventual outcome, will have to be watched and seen. C: America vis--vis Iran. History bears it that due to geo-strategic reasons America never relished Iran to be dominant in the Gulf. It invariably tried to destabilize Iran's legitimately established governments. In 1953 the US undermined and overthrow the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mussadegh. Their latest effort was to manipulate world opinion and isolate Iran by propaganda against the re-election of President Mehmoud Ahmadinejad. President Obama offered Iran an online branch by declaring, "My country is prepared to move forward. Forget the past and let us talk without preconditions on the basis of mutual respect". Referring to Iran's nuclear quest Obama observed that "any nation should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the nuclear "Non-Proliferation Treaty." What could be expected With all the sincerity of President Barack Obama the prospects of an encouraging outcome are not bright. The American historical actions belie it. As for A terrorism is concerned the American are known to charge their stance as and when required by their interests. At one time Osama-bin-Laden was their favourite and they lavished favours on Taliban but it apparently does not suit them any more. According to the consistent and prevailing gossips and I contribute to it, America and some other Western powers in order to redraw the boundaries of the countries of the Mid East and some South Asian countries where Pakistan is supposed to succeed Swat, Fata and portions of Northern Areas to greater Afghanistan and also a part of Balochistan to form greater Balochistan. America along with some countries including India, is covertly helping Taliban with money and weapons. If it is true then God help Pakistan. Provided America is serious to eliminate terrorism then the Super Power with all the intelligence resources in the world at their disposal could easily locate the hide-outs of Bin-Laden and the extremists and blast them away. America may also tell India to close their 27 consulates in Afghanistan and withdraw their militants from there and stop infiltrations and insurgency in Balochistan. If America thus dries up the monetary and modern weapons supplies to the terrorist then this evil will not take long to die out. As regards B; and C; these two are chronic problems ailing relations between America and the Muslim World for the past many decades. Call them what ever you may but the fact is that oil and geo-strategic factors are at the core of it. Added to it is the American commitment to Israel both in the Mid East and in Iran. Only the other day the US Vice President said, "We cannot stop Israel from making a nuclear attack against Iran because Israelis an independent country." Partially contradicting Vice President's statement on 6th July the State Department spokesman Ian Kelly remarked that Washington would not dictate Israel how to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions. But we are committed to Israel's security and we share Israel's deep concern about Iran's nuclear programme. In the existent scenarios in Palestine and Iran with all his pious declarations President Obama is unlikely to make much head-way unless there is a miraculous change of heart and in the American policies. Miracles do happen and I believe in them. The writer is a former ADC to the Quaid-i-Azam