ISLAMABAD - The National Locust Control Centre (NLCC) on Sunday stated that desert locusts now existed only in Bahawalpur and Tharparkar districts. According to a press release issued by the NLCC stated that there was no danger in Southwest Asia and Iran as the situation improved slightly, while there was still a risk of locust attacks from India and Africa. The statement stated that due to locust warriors’ tireless efforts, the insects’ infestation which had spread to 61 districts across the country had been limited to the only two districts. Survey of more than 267,770 hectares completed in last 24 hours, it added. The NLCC stated that the control operation was completed on 1265 hectares of land in the affected areas of Tharparkar during last 24 hours. It stated that an operation was carried out on an area of 110,3870 hectares in the last 6 months.a