LAHORE The PML-N has decided to get a resolution passed from the Punjab Assembly seeking removal of Governor Salmaan Taseer for his alleged misconduct and violation of the Constitution he committed by proceeding abroad quietly, reportedly without informing the president. Punjab Minister for Law Rana Sanaullah told The Nation on Thursday that his party would move the resolution during next session of Punjab Assembly. He was confident that the resolution would be passed with majority vote, as the assembly members belonging to all political parties were greatly annoyed with the governor for his unconstitutional act. It merits mentioning that the Punjab government is unable so far to prove Salmaan Taseers alleged absence from the country with documentary evidence. Quoting Article 104 of the Constitution, the provincial minister said the governor was bound to inform the president about his absence from the country so that the speaker of the provincial assembly could take charge of the office which could not be left vacant even for a moment. The Article 104 states, When the Governor, by reason of absence from Pakistan or for any other cause, is unable to perform his functions, the Speaker of the Provincial Assembly and in his absence any other person as the President may nominate shall perform the functions of Governor until the Governor returns to Pakistan or, as the case may be, resumes his functions. Rana was of the view that in the absence of Governor Salmaan Taseer from the country, the operation of the said article was virtually 'held in abeyance because the speaker Punjab Assembly could not perform his duties as acting governor as required under the Constitution because of the governors negligence. When asked if passage of a resolution was the only remedy left with the Punjab government to proceed against the governor, Rana replied that assembly resolution would have a forceful effect as it represented the 58 per cent of countrys population. He also said the governor was a representative of federal government, which must action against its nominee in the province for violation of the Constitution. Rana further told this scribe that the Punjab chief minister might also take up the matter with the federal government at some stage.