According to a press report, Government of Punjab has allocated Rs. 300 million for a new 3D cinema in Murree. It falls in the category of import-based super luxury entertainment. Spending poor taxpayers money, in this manner, goes against the elected government as being oblivious of sufferings of those who generate taxes particularly those living in the interior deprived of basic facilities of life generating extremism. Worthy CM Punjab may please take notice of this luxury-based mindset of his advisers, before it is too late. Of course it is selfishness and incompetence of the MPA’s who do not try to solve problems of their voters and do not object to concentration of state-of-the-art facilities in a few cities, thus making the interior area and people subservient and miserable.

Worthy CM and MPAs may be warned of harsh times that are approaching due to abject poverty and injustice. It would be better for them to get their priorities right and first resolve day to day problems of their voters, instead of promoting luxuries.


Rawalpindi, February 5.