Passing derogatory remarks against the parliament and then standing by it is highly frustrating, uncalled for and unbecoming of a popular leader like Imran Khan. In Mr. Khan’s dictum, it is tantamount to cursing the game of cricket if a certain team is not performing well on ground. Demeaning the highest institution of the country of which he himself is a member is incomprehensible. In fact, it is disrespect of the parliament by politicians that have paved the way for dictatorships in the country. One can ask Imran Khan what steps has he taken to mitigate his reservations against the parliament? How seriously and regularly has he attained the sessions of National Assembly? How actively has his party participated in parliamentary debates on issues concerning the country inside the parliament? Was it not Imran Khan who preferred the settlement of political issues outside the parliament? Being a political leader he should bring strength to the parliament and not become a source of disgrace to it.

This parliament may have some shortcomings but they are making of the current parliamentarians for which the whole parliament is responsible. Politics of agitation by opposition and preferring to criticise the government on roads instead of inside the parliament has certainly weakened the parliament. Settlement of issues outside the parliament, like the recent Islamabad sit-in and surrendering of national security and foreign policy has strengthened anti-parliamentary forces. Unserious attitude to important matters and person specific legislation by the ruling party is also tantamount to delegitimising the parliament. Notwithstanding these shortcomings, there are established channels to cure them. All parliamentarians whether sitting on treasury or opposition benches should bring dignity to parliament by actively participating in parliamentary proceedings. At last, Imran Khan is requested to respect sanctity of the parliament and apologise for his unacceptable comments.


Peshawar, January 19.