Driving without licenses is becoming a major issue in the contemporary time. We can come to know that last year, over 20% of population in Karachi enduring from the same issue. If we come to overlook it, almost all of the giant cities accidents are communal and not valuable to the act of some cities. But in some cities, such as Turbat - where at the age of 10 to 16 children are riding motorcycle – we can see that smaller cities are a major contributing factor as well. The cause is traffic police carelessness, in fact due to not taking action against them and also comes to the response of families to not provide motor cycle to their early age children. This could become the cause of their deaths. Actually, we must command this revolution in the traffic departments to please take action behind this issue. And, provide a step deed on the rising efforts of some revolutions in other cities.


Kech, January 19.