KARACHI The students of the metropolis under the umbrella of National Student Federation (NSF) again drew up the Charter of Demands to recall the 8th January 1953 students movement, and vowed to continue the struggle for better education facilities as well as political stability in the country. A large number of students belonging to different segments of the society and cities recalled the left wing student movement which later ousted dictator Ayub Khan after facing extreme hardship. The analysts observed the movement as unplanned revolution in the country in which DSF drew up a Charter of Demand including tuition fees and library fees etc, and after the decades, the progressive student movement again emerging with the genuine issues of student and oppressed class. Addressing the meeting, Khurram Ali, the young organiser of the NSF January 8, 1953 said it is the day when first Charter of Demand was introduced by the students of Pakistan through Democratic Students Federation which later on became National Students Federation. He said the state repressive organs showed their utmost brutality to crush the voices used the means of firing but the students of that time were ready to sacrifice for right demands. He said, We strongly condemn the ban on student politics and believe that it only contributing in discouraging the students from playing their role in educational standards and system and side by side to encourag mainstream political parties to ensure their hegemony through their student wings. He said that it was a big question on the face of the state why only NSF, which had no association with mainstream parties, was wiped out when ban was imposed on student politics.