Recently, a very horrific incident occurred in Kasur as an eight-year-old girl Zainab was raped and killed. The girl had gone missing five days earlier, and as per details, she was kidnapped near her home when she was on her way to the Quran class. The sources have confirmed that when the incident occurred the minor’s parents were in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah.

This dreadful incident sparked huge resentment among the country’s masses, and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif ordered authorities to immediately arrest the offenders involved in this shameful act.

The CM has also summoned a report from the IG Police over this incident, and expressed deep sorrow with the parents of the deceased girl. CM Shahbaz ensured the parents that he will personally look after the case investigation, and justice will be dispensed at all costs.

Over this serious issue, the CM has chaired a special meeting in which he strictly made it clear that verbal commitments will not work anymore, as such sorrowful incidents would not be tolerated at any cost. Moreover, the CM said that police officers should also be investigated for showing negligence, and directed the forensic lab to expedite the process for Zainab's autopsy.

It has been a sad part that many culprits involved in heinous crimes like this are caught by police, but due to our poor judicial system, these offenders get immediate bail and then further perform even more atrocious criminal acts. The Punjab government and the police are doing their full effort to capture the criminals of Zainab rape case. However, is there any assurance that the people caught would be trialed to what they actually deserve?

As public, we have to understand that the government every time is not responsible for not executing the culprits. Judiciary is a very important pillar of society, and therefore, it is a huge responsibility for them as well to swiftly look and respond to these criminal cases, and must not easily let them go. It takes a mammoth effort to capture criminals but it takes a second to set them free.