I want to mention that taxes are increasing on the vegetables day by day in Faisalabad. The real price of onions and tomatoes 58 rupees. However, shopkeepers are selling these both with the high price of 80 rupees. The taxes on these both are twenty-two rupees. Both these vegetables are the basic need of a curry. Shopkeepers are getting pea in just 66 rupees and selling it at the same price of tomatoes and onions. Potato’s real price is 26 and shopkeepers are selling it for 40 rupees. Once again they are getting 14 rupees tax on it. The poor cannot afford such high prices, and due to this, they are not getting good food for two time eating. And yet the government is careless about it. I request to the government; please try to solve it. I will be thankful to you. 


Kuch, December 26.