MUMBAI - The former Pakistani skipper, Shahid Afridi has a case, if he decides to drag the PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt to court, according to his lawyer, Syed Ali Zaffar. Speaking exclusively from Karachi, he says, "Ijaz Butt's statement that Shahid Afridi will not captain the Pakistan team again is not only very irresponsible but is like an order or direction to the Governing Council members (the captain is being chosen by the chairman in consultation with the GC members) and to the Selection Committee not to even consider him". In this regard, in my opinion Mr Butt is usurping the authority of the GC members and Selection Committee (who are practically left with no discretion now to consider and make a decision on Afridi issue) and is clearly acting illegally". "Afridi can take him to Court if he so chooses . I will however add that I have had no discussion with Afridi in this regard", the Barrister further added. "Mr Ijaz Butt is a "loose cannon". Under Pakistan Cricket Board's Constitution the Chairman virtually enjoys dictatorial powers", he further added.