No matter how much people criticize it, University of Karachi has remained on the top of the list through decades. Where many public and private sector universities are on the urge of competing with KU, none of them have been successful enough to maintain a status that KU enjoys. It is in itself, a whole diverse place of education with members of all sectors of society brought together for the cause of attaining education. Perhaps, the students of KU make up Pakistan's biggest student community. The university’s degrees are well recognized throughout the world and hence students from KU manage to grab positions abroad much more easily than students from other expensive and high profile universities. However, there are other things, too, that help KU differ itself from other universities. Positive or negative, they have been adding recognition to KU for a long time:

Diverse Wildlife

KU is one of those places in Karachi where wildlife and distinctive creatures can be seen everywhere. Despite the fact that students roam around the campus about 12 hours of the day, the animals feel no hesitation in breeding a family within this hustle and bustle. The reason for it might be that trees and wild plants are spread over a wide range of the area which allow these animals to live their lives freely. However, at times, they do emerge during class timings, giving special appearances and exciting the students. I, myself, have encountered various species of snakes including cobra and the white ones which are extremely rare, roaming around freely within the campus. It was only difficult to absorb when a leopard made an appearance at the physics department, shocking everyone. Goats roam here and there in the empty grounds, which often gives a glimpse of village life. On the way from the gate to the department, the walk is accompanied by various species of beautiful birds – it is something worth being thankful for. Such an exposure to nature could rarely be found for free, anywhere else in Pakistan.

Karachi University Points

The points of KU can be regarded as the eighth wonder of the world without any doubt. I bet there isn’t an eye which does not pay attention to the condition of the university’s buses when they roam around the city. The green colored, window-less buses – which are often referred to as funeral buses – have the magical capacity to accommodate as much as they want. While rendering the social service of allowing all the students that are on the road into the point, the conductor also manages to make a shield from his hands for those hanging at the edge. Having twice experienced the travel in this magical ride, I have gathered that asthma patients can opt KU buses as the best option for suicide. There is hardly any pore of space left between the heads and bodies of students that oxygen could pass through and facilitate the breathing process. Whatsoever, these heavy duty rides have always remained a recognition for KU. No one can criticize KU without having discussed the role and conditions of its point.

World class architecture

Yes, that's right. Some of the departments of KU have been made architecturally so well that they can compete internationally. I bet none of the universities would be able to present the evening view what UBIT comes up with at the time of sunset. Without any doubt, it is one of the most beautifully constructed and pleasant buildings I have ever witnessed in my life. The lush green garden flowing with heavy winds, away from the hustle and bustle of the city makes it an absolute hub of peace. Adjacent to it, the department of Mass communication, too, has a beautiful architectural sight from both the outside and the inside. It has a prism made up at its rood giving it a triangular look from outside. However from the inside, the triangle reflects different shades of sunlight from dark to bright by the glass fitted into that horizon. Other than that, the maroon building "Research Center of Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan" too appears as a beautiful sight. One cannot pass by it without praising the well maintained building. Department of Genetics and BBA too have similar importance, however their quality lies in the fact that they are entirely different from what they appear from the outside. Rarely would a university have such a broad variety of architecture, as KU possesses. In my opinion, KU is one place where all the architectural varieties of Pakistan can be examined at a glance, by simply taking a look at what masterpiece it bores within it.

Yummiest food

When it is a university like KU, one will have to admit that this is no canteen. It’s a fully developed and well-running food street. The university cafeterias, chains of canteens, the dhabas and small restaurants all have combined to help us believe that food at KU is mesmerizing. Ranging from the yummy garlic chats, to biryanis and burgers, from chana daal to halwa puri, from gola ganda to the rich faluda – there is hardly anything that is not available at KU. The dhabas are all there to serve you with traditional food like karahi, naan and murgh cholay. The best of all these are the juice centers spread across the University, which help fight the summers easily, and provide a burst of instant energy. The best part about the food is that, it is cheap. The rates are low enough to be afforded by all students. This might be one reason why the trend of bunking classes and going to any of the famous canteens and dhabas of the university is common. I have even seen people coming from outside all the way to the university just for the sake of tasting those yummy delights. Indeed, KU has developed within it a whole extensive food street whose taste standards, I believe, are way better than the food available outside the university.