Eye Care Administrations Program organised free eye camp in distinctive regions of Sub Division Peshawar beneath the supervision of Directorate Well being Administrations Dr. Niaz Muhammad Afridi consolidated ranges in the month of June 2020.

An add up to No. of 559 patients enduring from different eye diseases were inspected by a qualified group of therapeutic experts, whereas 08 cataract surgeries were enrolled.

234 perusing glasses have been given to patients having issues with close visions.

The senior citizens and common open acknowledged the endeavors of Executive Health Services Combined Ranges Dr. Niaz Muhammad Afridi, Program Director and the whole group of Eye Care Administrations Program for giving quality treatment to the destitute and meriting individuals living in distant flung regions of Sub-Division Peshawar.

In expansion to that 01 Community awareness session was conducted in Sub-Division Peshawar. Within the said session individuals were made mindful of the precautionary measures of communicable eye maladies, signs and indications of refractive blunders, significance of vitamin A and administration of allergic conjunctivitis.