Islamabad - Shakarparian, which was one of the most fascinating picnic spots of the Federal Capital, is gradually losing its beauty and attraction due to the negligence of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Green belts are not properly looked after while flowerbeds are also without flowers. Shakarparian is giving a sight of a deserted spot as no steps have been taken for its development, Shabana Khan, who came to visit Shakarparian along with family commented.

She said that no practical steps have been taken for its maintenance, which was the beautiful place of the federal capital.

Visitor Shabana Khan said that people prefer to visit Rawal Lake View Park or others places which have more recreational facilities for them.

Robina Bibi, a visitor said she has visited Shakarparian after one year but now the spot has lost its attraction. She said very few people visit this place. The CDA should take steps to provide recreational facilities along with maintenance of green belts and flowerbeds to attract visitors.

The people now prefer to visit Pakistan Monument on junction of roads at Shakarparian, she added.

When contacted, a CDA official claimed that Shakarparian was still an attractive place, as several people daily visited it.

The ratio of visitors has decreased due to Pakistan Monument and Rawal Lack View Park, he said adding that the authority was making efforts to establish picnic spots.