OKARA - Okara district's share in the National Assembly has reduced from five to four constituencies while in the Provincial Assembly; it has lessened from nine to eight seats under the new rules adopted by Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

The total population of Okara district is 3039,139 against the population of 1998 census when it was 2232,992.

The district comprises three tehsils. First is Okara where live as many as 1205,655 people. As per 1998 census, its population was 862,364. Second tehsil is Dipalpur where approximately 1374,912 people reside. Its past population was 1030,836. Third is Renala which accommodates 458,572, individuals. According the previous census, the tehsil housed 339,792 people. Okara was ranked the most populous district in Sahiwal division. As per the new rules, the ECP has increased population for delimitation of each NA and PP constituency.

The four NA constituencies with new allotted numbers are: NA-141 contains 761,376 individuals; NA-142 accommodates 755,592; NA-143 houses 751,588 while NA-144 is inhabited with 770,583 individuals.

The eight PP constituencies include: PP-183 accommodates 374,823 people; PP-184 contains 395,760; PP-185 houses 387,103; PP-186 shelters 368,489; PP-187 populated with 366,966 people; PP-188 inhabited with 384,622; PP-189 provides lodging to 3,90,143 individuals while the population of PP-190 is 371,233.

It is to be noted that the charts depicting new delimitation of constituencies has been displayed in the Okara ECP office. The constituencies would attain finality after the hearing of objections if filed accordingly with the competent authority.