Los Angeles (CM): Vin Diesel has signed a deal to star as super soldier Bloodshot in a movie adaptation of the Valiant comic book series.  The 50-year-old action hero will star as the titular super soldier in the Sony Pictures adaptation of the Valiant comic book series, according to Deadline. Bloodshot is a former soldier who is able to regenerate and metamorphose due to nano-computers being injected into his bloodstream, enabling him recover from injuries quickly and shape shift. Brought back from the dead by this super technology, he finds he must battle memory loss as well as coming to terms with his new powers.

Dave Wilson - who has long collaborated with ‘Deadpool’ director Tim Miller - will make his feature debut at the helm of he movie, with the studio keen to invoke the tones of 80s action classics such as ‘Terminator’, ‘Robocop’ and ‘Total Recall’.