KAMALIA-Former education minister and chairman Awaam League Riaz Fatyana vehemently condemned the murder attempt on Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, demanding that a thorough investigation should be launched into the case so that future such incidents could be avoided.

Talking to media here, he said that the current widespread intolerance was not a good omen for the politics of the country. "There has always been a difference of opinion between the right and left wing political parties but it doesn't mean that one should use violence against those who differ with him in their ideas," he maintained. He pointed out that difference in views was helpful in determining new paths, leading to the solution to an issue. "But it is not permissible to take difference as an excuse of using violence and carrying deadly attacks on others' lives and properties," he added. He stressed a need for the promotion of a culture of tolerance and harmony in politics. "Those involved in the incident should be punished according to the law," he emphasised. He also prayed for the health and quick recovery of Ahsan Iqbal.