RAWALPINDI  : No doubt modern technologies have changed life of the common man to a great extent, but the centuries old traditional ritual system of drum-beating during holy month of Ramazan continues in Rawalpindi to wake up the faithfuls at Sehri time.

A 60 year old drummer Sain Jhalla said: “I am doing it for the last several years as it gives me some additional money for celebrating Eid. He said, before starting drum beating in a dark lane of  New Phagwari, Kataria and Mohalla Raja Sultan he used to shout, urging the faithfuls to wake up and take their Sehri. Ramazan culminates on Eid ul Fitr, when people tip the drummers for their service  of waking up the people during the month.

It gives us inner satisfaction and this is a way you can earn more sawab,” said Muhammad Badshah another drummer.

While now a days to wake up people at Sehri times in some areas of Pindi they can be seen on motorcycles and cycles.