In another win for the producers of Legend of Maula Jatt, the Sindh High Court has issued a stay order against producer of Maula Jatt (1979).

In an ongoing legal battle that has taken many dramatic turns, Sindh High Court has issued a stay order against Sarwar Bhatti, Mohammad Bahoo Sarwar and Muttaqi Sarwar restraining them from defaming The Legend Of Maula Jatt and it’s makers, Bilal Lashari and Ammara Hikmat.

This order was issued by the Sindh High Court after Lahore High Court cleared that there is no stay order on The Legend Of Maula Jatt but still the other party didn’t refrain from it’s defamatory campaign.

Therefore a case was filed in the Sindh High Court, under it’s civil jurisdiction before Mr. Justice Junaid Ghaffar which resulted in a gag order on the party making misleading and malicious claims about The Legend Of Maula Jatt.

Sarwar Bhatti was recently accused of not being the sole owner of Bahoo corporation to begin with and for causing frivolous litigation regarding the title, name and origin of Maula Jatt.

This order has come to light stopping the Sarwar Bhatti clan from defaming The Legend of Maula Jatt any further whose release date is to be announced soon.