It is hard to figure out why the US is expressing annoyance with India, as President Donald Trump showed unexpected irritation during his visit to India and expressed it openly in a huge gathering which was arranged by PM Narendra Modi in his honour. PM Modi was looking visually distressed and upset while President Donald Trump was showing annoyance aggressively. The relations between the two were not the same they had during the visit of PM Modi to New York. In a public show in September 2019, he shared the stage with US President Donald Trump at the gala ‘Howdy, Modi’ in Houston, in which both pledged to nurture bilateral relations. It looked like PM Modi and President Donald Trump had perhaps grown closer.

Later in November 2019, ‘Blue Dot Network’ BDN was formally announced at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Bangkok, Thailand on the sidelines of the 35th ASEAN Summit by Australia, US and Japan. Led by United States International Development Corporation (DFC), Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) joined the Blue Dot Network concept. The project was a visible tentative response to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by the USA to further assess connectivity in Indo-pacific regions to create an alternate attraction for the investors and to pull the investment from China by luring in the investors to these new industrial hubs which was to be offered via Indian platform.

The major difference between the USA’s BDN and Chinese BRI is that the Chinese initiative is at a more advanced stage than the BDN which still seems to be in its initial phase. This project was all dependent on its physical location and USA was under the impression that India will provide land and logistic as per US’ desire and earlier understanding reached with India.

A false flag was raised that the pandemic will force the investors to pull out from BRI. India in its short sightedness, bought this idea where India and the US were almost sure that investors were now keen to pull out their investments from BRI and shift operations out of China. India had already offered 461,589 hectares of its land to the US for BDN in various parts of India to attract investors.

China controlled the situation on an emergency basis and restored production, import and export unexpectedly. PM Modi realised that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush and the US realised that India is avoiding its commitment to provide land and other logistics for BDN. By now, this plan of BDN in India becoming known is creating an uncomfortable situation for India.

India’s offer of land to BDN was a serious attempt to destroy China’s industrial hub and is very intriguing. I am on record with my statements that Modi is planning something against Pakistan & China and China must not trust India. USA being a world power has the right to make investment plans and it might have done the right thing but it was PM Modi who tried to pit himself against China and subsequently, he ditched the US to complicate its business model. It is India who was initially against One-Road One-Belt. Now meanwhile, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has called for American travel sanctions and restrictions against India’s home minister Amit Shah and other principal leadership pointing towards the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact, this hangs over Modi‘s friendship with President Donald Trump; he scrapped the status of Kashmir and brought anti-Muslim law in India. I hope USA will now have it reversed to give relief to Indian Muslims and oppressed Kashmiris. It is hard to understand why at this point of time when BDN was blocked by India instead of going forward. There are certain reports emanating from India itself that Indian advisors had advised Modi not to undertake this this new venture against China which will be ultimately detrimental to India as it will destroy the India economy.

In conclusion it can be stated that India had plotted a deep conspiracy against China in plans to destroy BRI with an alternative and attractive business plan. The opposition of India must demand facts before it is exposed by a third party. The day is not far away when the world will know the evil designs of PM Modi against China and Pakistan including CEPC. PM Modi first lost his credibility in his own country by destroying its economy, hate-mongering and promulgating highly anti-Muslim discriminatory laws and support to RSS and now it has lost his face by ditching USA.

Note: Opinions expressed are solely my own and not necessarily to reflect the views or opinions of my party. The article is based on investigation work mostly on public record and author’s own articles published in national and international media.