Life was smooth, things were going upright, jostle and commotion was there then unexpectedly Corona arrived. Things in progress started to transform, individuals started to sojourn at home, people picked to manage their matters by evading social gatherings and in a sudden the whole shebang started to roll back. Presently, Two conditions ascended, Pre COVID-19 and during COVID-19.

In the COVID-19 state, the giant supermarkets are fronting the vilest condition. Giant shopping centres being locked down is a great setback to the inhabitants relied on them. Every shop from Footwear to Food is bolted. Persons who use to wander about shopping precinct are nowadays sitting on their couches and scrolling for the stuffs online. From punters to vendors everybody is afraid of being mutilated from coronavirus.

Here, the query ascends that what is the future of huge shopping precincts? Would this epidemic make public think of some substitutes or people would be status quo apropos their spending habits? The riposte is perceptibly the former. Purchasers and retailers equally have started shifting on the way to online spending. User welcoming online podiums are being established by wholesalers so that people would bargain gears with comfort.

To entice the clients, brands extending from clothing to individual sterility have started their online auctions. To appeal the customers on the road to online shopping they are offering numerous deals.

On the other hand, what brand possessors are thoughtful about is to twitch partially in the direction of online shopping. As a replacement of reimbursing cumbersome shop leases in mighty malls they are utterly in view to capitalise in making online podiums which would be merely possessed by them and they would not have to wage additional. And the other benefit which title holders are seeing in undertaking so is that in coming time, if any situation ascends like we are facing at the moment, they won't be fronting any barrier in vending their goods.

If we crisscross fact, it can be realised that in past two some months when the businesses around the world were facing severe setback, Amazon reared at the top just for the reason of being an online shopping platform. Conferring to a research, in 2018 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online worth $2.8 trillion which is further projected to grow up to $4.8 trillion in 2021.

To me this COVID-19 eruption is a whistle blower for all those brand possessors/individuals who were fully dependant on the huge shopping precinct. The circumstances after COVID-19 in place would have struct them to unclutter their ways towards e-commerce and style their dealings on the stream.