The nation is fast converging on five major issues. Finally, a national consensus appears to have emerged on NRO, 17th amendment, civilian supremacy, independence of the judiciary and the war on terror. This slightly delayed convergence goes to the credit of the democratic process spawned by the elections held in February last year. The Prime Minister is reported to have said that NRO is now 'buried, meaning thereby that from now on, no one is above the law. The chief executive is also reported to have asserted that 58-2(b) is irrelevant. This major policy announcement of the PM means that the 17th amendment is destined to go because anything which is irrelevant is not supposed to be part of the basic law of the land. You keep the irrelevant, the relevance of the whole constitution erodes by infection. The nation is very fast maturing politically. We, as a people, have traveled a long distance to reach this stage of political growth thanks to the sacrifices of our leaders and workers who laid down their lives for a democratic Pakistan. From now on, our opinion makers should concentrate on issues instead of targeting personalities because persons come and go but principles remain permanent. As a proud Pakistani, I congratulate the nation on the fast emerging consensus which would provide a sound basis for a civilized political discourse. It must be understood that without a minimum consensus any debate on issues becomes misleading and can be actually counterproductive. Pakistan has come of age at last. -B. A MALIK, Islamabad, November 8.