The Lahore High Court has planned the construction of a new administration block after demolishing the Oath-Commissioner’s Shed and other offices. The project is planned to completed till 31” of December 2018 at a cost of Rs826 million. The Buildings Department of Punjab government and the LHC will jointly execute the project.  At present, there is acute shortage of rooms/offices for the officials of Lahore High Court. There is also no space for the construction of new building. Therefore, a new administration block has been planned to be constructed at the site of existing Oath Commissioners’ Shed, Munshi Khana and SDO’s Office. Under the plan, the existing buildings of Oath Commissioners’ Shed, Munshi Khana and SDO’s Office will be demolished and administration block will be constructed to accommodate the court staff. Thereafter, planning will be made for the construction of 40 court rooms for the LHC judges at the site of existing administration block.