LAHORE-The versatile and stunningly beautiful actress Ramsha Khan does not leave a single opportunity to overwhelm her fans. The rising star claimed her fame in 2017 through her amazing debut in the movie Thora Jee Le. Since then, her façade and talent has made her achieve a lot in no time.

She has not only rocked the ramp, but has also proven her mettle in TV plays with the likes of Tumhari Maryam and Mah-e-Tamaam.

Her ability to mold herself in her role definitely sets her apart from other players in the field.

The actress is currently stealing the show in her ongoing project Khudparast by Big Bang Entertainment.

Directed by Aabis Raza, and penned by Radain Shah, the plot talks about domestic violence and the struggles of a liberal girl trying to adjust with her conservative in-laws. The drama also stars Shahzad Sheikh, Hassan Ahmed, Nausheen Shah and Asma Abbas.

Given the intensity of the plot, Ramsha has transformed herself into a gripping and self-obsessed character in Khudparast.

Her dialogues, facial expressions and body language are spot on which is the biggest reason why she has managed to claim prominence among the other stars on the show.

Being in the lead role, Ramsha is playing jeans-clad, Uswa who has male friends and comes home at all hours because her family gives her the trust and space – succumbs to immense family pressure and marries a man who born and bred in a conservative family set-up and has massive anger issues.

 Doing more than sheer justice to her role with her exceptional talent and prowess in acting, she herself considers Khudparast to be a challenging project for her as the plot get extremely intense and gripping as her character realizes that her concerns about marrying someone she doesn’t know has gotten herself into a stifling mess.

Ramsha has previously done positive straight roles. This time, she has experimented and has put her abilities to test through a dominating role. And without a doubt, this experiment has proven to be successful and rewarding for her.

With only five episodes aired as of now, people are anxious in anticipation regarding how the plot will unfold in the upcoming episodes and how Uswa (Ramsha Khan) will tackle her extremely conservative in-laws and their restrictions. As for now, we can just sit back and drool over Ramsha´s amazing talent.