HYDERABAD     -  The citizens of Hyderabad have finalized all preparations to celebrate Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) on Sunday with traditional enthusiasm, zeal and religious sanctity.The public and private buildings, different roads and streets as well as the mosques have been decorated with colourful- mostly green- buntings, flag garlands and ceremonial gates in various parts of Hyderabad City, Latifabad and Qasimabad talukas particularly in Paretabad, Phuleli, Latifabad Units 11 and 12.The religious organizations

have also been engaged in giving final shape to arrangements for bringing out Milad processions Sunday morning. The Milad processions would be brought out from different parts of Hyderabad City, Latifabad

and Qasimabad which after marching the roads will join the main Milad procession of Anjuman-e-Fidaiyan-e-Pakistan at Silawat Para in the afternoon.The main Milad procession after marching its traditional routes will culminate at Koh Noor Chowk before Maghrib prayers where the religious leaders and scholars will address

the participants of