KARACHI - Bahria Town Karachi recently drilled 3 boring wells in the far flung areas of Thana Bola Khan and Moll, while drilling on 17 more boring points are in the process. Since these remote areas, situated between Karachi and Hyderabad, are away from basic necessities, the people had to travel at least 20 to 25 kilometers to get water but ever since Bahria Town started this project, the water is now closest to the population that is scattered in the region and is available to them 24 hours a day. 3 to 4 thousand of people scattered in the area of 50km gets fresh and clean water through the 3 completed boring wells. Suitable for the barren and dry area between NooriAbad and Kirthar National Park range, the water boring system was selected and 20 different water pockets were identified for immediate drilling. Once completed, the 20 bore well project will benefit the population of 20 thousand in the radius of 300 km.

Each well has the drilling depth of at least 600 feet. The water is than pumped through an underground pipe to a water tank that is 250 meters away. The capacity of each water tank is 24,000 liter. 

Since a powerful motor is required to pull out the water but due to the absence of electricity in the region, a 30-plate solar system has been installed to power the motor and guarantee a continuous supply of water to the water tanks.

Under the guidance of Manager Welfare Bahria Town Karachi Shahbaz Ali Chachar, a 15-member team is working towards achieving their goal of providing clean water to the villagers. Bahria Town is already serving thousands of people in the Mithi and Hijamro region of Thar through Bahria DastarKhwan and an RO plant respectively in order to combat the hardships of this drought and famine stricken area.

Bahria Town is Pakistan’s largest real estate developing project that has not only introduced a better standards of living in Pakistan but also striving towards providing problem free, clean and healthy environment to a common man of Pakistan.