Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday said that the poor segments of society deserved subsidies and grants and stressed upon a targeted subsidy system which could provide further relief to the poor and those living in backward areas.

During a meeting of the federal cabinet, he further observed that at present, subsidy was being equally available to the rich and the poor segments of society.

The prime minister directed that a comprehensive review of all sectors, should be carried out where a targeted subsidy to the poor and backward areas could be provided.

He also asked for submission of a complete planning with implementation period, PM office media wing in a press release said.

Special Assistant to PM on Revenue Dr Waqar Masood gave a detailed briefing to the cabinet on making the system of subsidies and grants more suitable.

He presented a comparison over the revenue, expenditures and grants during the last 13 years.

The cabinet was told that expenditures edged the total ratio of revenue due to average payment of debt.

Dr Masood further said that due to subsidy and grants being passed on in different sectors including energy, agriculture, industry and others, the national exchequer was being unnecessary burdened.